Frequently Asked Questions

What does C4C promise?

A new learning experience if not a life changing experience for everyone involved.

Are there any organizations involved with Challenge for Change?

Yes. C4C is currently in contact with Teachers Institute of Philadelphia (TIP) and its founder, Dr. Alan Lee, who is one of our leading program educational dumbledores. We also work with mentors from the University of Pennsylvania’s Science and Technology Wing.

Who is eligible to participate?

All students between the age of 13 and 17 are eligible to apply. If you’re not a student and you’re interested in participating, do send us a message and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss further.

How does C4C benefit participating school teachers?

Teacher professional development is guaranteed. Participating staff get the opportunity to utilize a more versatile set of skills than required in the classroom. They have access to teachers in other schools around the world, and participate in radical discussions about teaching and education.

When will we receive the topics weekly, monthly, annually?

Each topic will be different in time frame. You will be notified of the length of the project through your school. Essays are not mandatory. We have to see, read and hear all work accomplished toward solving the problem.

What’s the official language of the program?


What does the program setup look like ?

The way the program is offered differs from a school to another. The program is offered to the school, and the school chooses how it should best offer it to its students. C4C can be offered in a regular classroom, as an afterschool or weekend activity. School teachers can be facilitators for the C4C program.

How do you want students to present their work, Discoveries, etc..?

Students are expected to present/communicate their work in the best way they choose. This could be a recording, a video, a presentation, an essay, a prototype or a business plan. What’s more important is that they have to prove that they went out of the classroom to their community, searched and reached out to a person/ family /business /organization that’s affected by the global challenge they’re working on, did their research, came up with innovative solutions, discussed them and got feedback from the “case” they’re working with. If possible, we want them to test their hypothesis and provide results. We want our students to also discuss these results with other teams and come up with even more elaborate conclusions. The best case scenario would be a Mentor/Dumbledore who becomes very hands on and provides space for the students to work with them and actually solve a problem on a local level or at least show progress towards the solution they’re suggesting. The more help the students seek, the better, we expect them to be resourceful and get out of their comfort zone.

How are we going to be judge and rewarded?

A panel of world experts will review the submitted work of the students and select the top three which will then be presented on the website and the leading teams rewarded.

Why choose Challenge for Change?

C4C is a global initiative involving active learning and fun activities built around real life case studies. Inquiry based learning has been proven to be the most effective learning method of all. World Class experts, mentors, advisors  and educators are involved in the C4C community. Personal growth and professional development is guaranteed for everyone participating.

Can a team be formed with Home School students?

Yes, homeschool students are welcomed, however, this requires special arrangements. Please contact us if you’re interested in this option.

How large are the teams? Can individuals participate?

Each team has 3-5 participants. Each schools could enter the participate with as many groups as they like, as long as each group does not exceed 5 students. Individual participation is not allowed.

How would the student-student interaction look like?

Students work in groups of  3-5 and have access to other groups around the world who are also participating in our program. They will be working during the C4C sessions as well as at their own time. They will be managing their meetings and are expected to divide the work equally between themselves. Students are encouraged to freely share their ideas with each other as most of the learning happens through such interactions.

How does C4C benefit participating schools?

C4C brings everybody closer, the school teachers, their students and the community. This creates a more energetic and motivated ecosystem and a strong sense of family and belonging. C4C really puts participating schools ahead of other schools as they not only have a strong bound internal community, but they also gain global exposure to other schools, mentors, experts and businesses from around the world. C4C students are stronger performers and have a higher exposure to their community. The soft skills gained through C4C are invaluable.

How does C4C benefit the participating students?

At C4C, we accompany our students in their journey of self discovery. Participating students have a great exposure to real life problems in their society and beyond. C4C is a perfect means to prepare them to face the world beyond the boundaries of their school. Our students have access to inspiring mentors from leading universities and organizations, as well as other students around the world who are also participants in our program.

Are students competing with international students of their caliber?

C4C  is not a competition as much as a training for problem solving using students’ critical thinking. It is an ongoing activity. It prepares you to see life in a different way. Students contribute in making their world and that of others a better place. They work in finding cures to resolve global problems with the help of other students and mentors from all over the world.

What do C4C Challengees gain through the program?

C4C offers a perfect opportunity for its students to build leadership skills. Our Challengees gain an international exposure and become better at understanding different cultures. They also become better at time management and task management. Graduates of the program are mature individuals, ready to face the real world with its difficult challenges. The experience they gain throughout the program is a great story to share in their to college applications as it would make them stand out among other candidates. Our students become responsible individuals who from early on understand their important and effective role in their society and the world.

What’s the participating Age group?

The age group we’re starting with is 13-16 year old students.

What are C4C Challengees (students) like?

Challengees are young motivated students who believe in their ability to make the world a better place. They work in groups and frequently have meaningful discussions about world issues. They constantly learn from one another and develop their soft and hard skills in the process of solving C4C challenges given to them.

How does Challenge for Change add value to the classic schooling system?

C4C is an active learning platform that can be considered as the missing piece in k-12 education. Students learn their classic curriculum in class and we supplement this foundation with our multidisciplinary program. We help our students identify ways to apply the knowledge they gain in class -and beyond- to solve real life problems.

Who will participate (Honor students, open to all)?

Everybody is welcome to apply.

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