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Future world leaders, Students (age 10-14) who want to make the difference and drive change in their community

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Challengers C4C leaders who facilitate, equip, engage and monitor the challengees’ experiences throughout the program.

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Mentors are eager to guide and advise the challengees. They discuss the challenge with the students while advising on the appropriate mechanism to address the problem at hand. Mentors are available to give challengees feedback, challenge their ideas, suggest new resources to them, and connect them with the right Dumbledores.

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Innovation & TechnologyHealth CareTourism & CultureEnvironmentEducationDesign EngineeringEnergyAgricultureOther

C4C Dumbledores are eminent professors and industry experts. They are the highest degree of expertise within the C4C hierarchy. They provide their perspective on the challenges and give feedback on the solutions presented.

  • Advising the appropriate challenges from their area of expertise.
  • Pointing the C4C Genies (core team) in the right direction to have a global view as well as an in-depth understanding of the boundaries of the challenge at hand as well as other areas affected by it.
  • Recommending potential advisors whom our Challengers (teachers) and Mentors could reach out to.
    Recommending potential Mentors who could help the Challengees (students).

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Challenge For Change is all about reinforcing Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills in the rising generations.

At Challenge For Change, we are
• Building the toolbox necessary for creative thinking and innovative design.
• Bridging the gap between various industries & academia, bringing real world problems to young students.
• Emphasizing leadership and ownership in young students by increasing their sense of responsibility towards their local community challenges.
• We encourage active learning, teach through games and have ongoing opportunities for practical experiences.

New ideas are always welcome. Please sign up if you could benefit our program in any of the areas mentioned above.

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ParentMiddle/High School StudentCollege StudentGraduate StudentSchool PrincipalBusiness OwnerYoung ProfessionalEntrepreneur

If you would like to get involved, please sign up! Generous supporters to the program with their time and resources are all welcome to join our family.

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