Amani Hanafi

    Amani Hanafi was born and raised in the United States and moved to Cairo, Egypt in 2012. She earned her Master’s Degree in Elementary/Early Childhood Education and has been working in the Education Field for over 10 years. She has worked in both the private and public sectors, and held positions in start-up organizations and pilot programs.In her time in the US, she held positions as Director, Educational Consultant, Curriculum Developer, and Teacher. In Cairo, she has consulted with ADEF (Arab Digital Expression Foundation) in the creation of a community center providing underprivileged youth of the Moqattam area with free and accessible workshops in Digital Expression. She has facilitated art workshops for children in Ard Ellewa and has taught at a Refugee School working with students from Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, and Eritrea. Her latest work was with LEAP, a start-up preschool, creating their architectural plan, internal policies, systems and procedures, emergency plans, and curriculum.

    Amani is excited to be a part of the team at Challenge for Change as she shares their vision of providing the youth of Egypt with the skills necessary to be successful Program Managers. It is imperative to equip the future of Egypt with the tools necessary to build a healthier and more united nation.

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