Dr. Susan Yoon

    Dr. Susan Yoon is Associate Professor of Science Education and the Learning Sciences at the Graduate School of Education of the University of Pennsylvania. Her current research focuses on developing curricular and instructional activities using digital tools such as augmented reality and computer simulations to support learning about complex scientific phenomenon.

    In another line of research, Dr. Yoon studies how conceptual knowledge and cognitive understanding of science and engineering content can be supported in informal learning environments. In the past she has worked with after-school venues (in the School District of Philadelphia) and informal science organizations (e.g., Philadelphia Zoo) to increase student interest and achievement in and access to science. In partnership with the Franklin Institute Science Museum, currently she researches how augmented reality (AR) technology can enhance visitors’ learning experiences.  Building on research on visualization tools and the use of scaffolds, she and her team have designed experiences that promote learning through AR interactions, peer-to-peer collaboration, and deep engagement with science topics. A central focus of her informal science learning research is the goal of understanding and preserving the unique characteristics of informal participation that make learning in these environments so engaging such as self-direction, experimentation, and play.



    BScH (Biology) Queen’s University

    BEd (Education) University of Toronto

    MA (Science Education) University of Toronto

    PhD (Science Education) University of Toronto

    Post-Doc (Science and Technology Education) Massachusetts Institute of Technology


    Areas of Expertise

    Learning sciences, Science and technology education, Complex systems in education, Knowledge-building environments, AR technologies in museums, Social networks and social capital in education

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