Hossam TaherCommunity Outreach Manager (Egypt)

    Hossam Taher is a final year medical student at Cairo University. Taher graduated from the German School in Cairo (DEO) in 2009, and is an alumn of multiple business incubators/catalysts including MIT’s SPARK, AUC VLab, Injaz Al Arab network and AUC’s Entrepreneurs’ Society. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of CairoSitters, Egypt’s first and only babysitting and tutoring agency in Cairo. CairoSitters has been chosen as one of Injaz Al Arab’s success stories and was recognized by HMQ Rania of Jordan in 2015.

    Taher was born in Cairo and speaks German, French, English and Arabic. He spends his free time assisting friends and young entrepreneurs with starting their own businesses, both independently, and as a mentor in Injaz Egypt’s company program. He volunteers in the office of the managing director of the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Cairo (57357). When he is not eating Asian food, molokheya or steak, Taher spends his time volunteering at Safarni Intercultural Children’s Workshop as a fundraising consultant.

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