Nadine YoussefProgram Director

    Mrs. Youssef worked in the educational field in USA for 38 years. She has challenged her students, motivated them and taught them to love and discover math. She worked with all math curriculums and covered all NJ standards. Writing Algebra 1, Algebra2, Pre-calculus and Calculus. Her long experience as a teacher made her aware of the problems students encounter. She tried to always teach them to analyze a problem logically and apply their knowledge. Being a believer in active learning, Mrs. Youssef always organized special trips for her students to visit Europe and the Middle East during their summer vacations.

    Being an SAT instructor, a Math Club Moderator, entering her students in math competitions, teaching and tutoring 3rd graders up to College, helped her be the teacher and person she is today, a successful Math teacher. Her goal as an educator has always been to enlighten children through learning and discovery.

    Mrs. Youssef graduated from Ain Shams University, Faculty of Sciences, with a Master degree in Pure Mathematics. She received her Master degree in Administration and Supervision from St.Peter University, NJ.

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