Woo Yul Byun (goes by Woo)Outreach manager (USA), Case Writer

    Woo grew up in Oak Ridge, Tennessee surrounded by engineers and scientists. He majored in Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania and is currently enjoying his gap year before medical school. He is researching cool organ-on-a-chip devices used to study, and ultimately cure, various diseases. Woo hopes to develop medical devices and encourage biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship around the world. He discovered the value of academic leadership while serving as the resident advisor of the Science and Technology Wing at the University of Pennsylvania and now hopes to make an impact with Challenge for Change.

    Woo is an Eagle Scout and enjoys spending time outside hiking, biking, and canoeing. He is also an avid photographer and is well-versed in darkroom techniques. Woo is fluent in English and Korean and often volunteers at animal shelters.

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